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My COVID-19 Business Journey

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Borrowers, Company Culture, and Team Players

On April 16, 2020, I was most proud of our diligent underwriting standards and adjustments we have made in the real estate market that all borrowers made their interest payments in this pandemic. Our investors are probably scratching their heads as their entire portfolio is tanking, Ignite Funding is holding strong. Up to the date of this blog (July 20, 2020) the story is still the same.

On this day it was time for a little fun, so I posed a question to all employees. You know you work at Ignite Funding/Preferred Trust Company/iManagement Group when…? #dysfunctionalandproud

The responses were priceless.

Please do not think for a minute that it is all fun and games at Preferred Trust Company and Ignite Funding as we are well respected and highly regarded companies in our industries. The companies are led by a work hard play hard mentality and it works, try it!

“We are led by a work hard play hard mentality and it works”

On April 17, 2020, a client requested a notary in the office at a time that all employees were working from home. For Melissa Harris to drive to the office to facilitate the needs of our investors, illustrated the team player attitude that the companies stand for. Without hesitation she arrived in the office armed with her mask to complete the service. Little did we know at the time this would be the new normal for 2020 and maybe beyond.

That day we also revealed the results as we crowned Mr. Congeniality. We crowned Mr. Congeniality Publishers Clearing House style and arrived at his home and rang the doorbell with a dozen roses.

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