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My COVID-19 Business Journey

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Our Company Culture: Work Hard, Play Hard

At Preferred Trust Company and Ignite Funding as we are well respected and highly regarded companies in our industries. The companies are led by a work hard play hard mentality and it works, try it!

On April 3, 2020, yes April, it was time to make up for what we missed with MARCH MADNESS IS HERE AT PREFERRED TRUST COMPANY and IGNITE FUNDING. Although we will not be watching March Madness on television, we will get a live version on Zoom! As I am not an avid sports-follower I requested, Pat Vassar the Director of Underwriting at Ignite Funding assist me in bringing sports back to the employees, and, more specifically, to the men in the office which are outnumbered by the women one male to three females. The men got together and put together a bracket, made their bets and I am sure had a good time talking about who was going to beat who. The interesting part about this March Madness tournament is the only the women in the office would be playing.

The RULES OF THE GAME for the competition were sent out by Pat and stated, “Each participant will shoot 10 separate pieces of paper into a trash can. Place the trash can approximately 15 feet in front of you and throw 10 pieces of paper into the trash can. Whoever makes the most will be declared the winner and moves on to the next round. This will all happen live as everyone else watches via Zoom (invites to follow). Competition will begin on Tuesday so get your practice in now. By the way, as with normal March Madness, be ready for upsets, surprises, and in some cases, poor officiating. Pat will be “officiating” the competition and will determine how far apart the trash cans must be when throwing the paper. If you do not have paper to wad up and throw, you can ask the official for permission to use other objects.

While this is going on, the guys will be betting on the outcome of each head to head matchup. The winner of the bracket (a male) will win two weeks of jeans days when we all return to work. The winner of the actual competition (a female) will also win two weeks of jeans day cards.” The employees will do anything for jeans days in our business attire office.

This event was a lot of fun and everyone looked forward to the Zoom meetings which were starting to become an everyday at 3 pm event that everyone looked forward to.

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