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My COVID-19 Business Journey

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

EPIC Games part 3

Who is ready for round 3 of the EPIC GAMES-19?

The time has come to prove you have what it takes to enter in to Round 3 and to test the sustainability of your stockpile. This round is going to be a three-part challenge.

By 3 pm today each remaining team will tally up the total number of unused toilet paper rolls that each team member has in their home and send the number in. You will have to prove this later, so no sneaky business. I hope you bought some when you were at the store!

I think it is only appropriate that as businesses return to work that your team (QuaranTEAM, The Disinfectants and PTSD) is prepared. Did you know that today the Clark County Marriage License office opened for business? If you do not believe me look for yourself. Or maybe I will just help you out with the images below.

This is a list for the ages and yes, I do believe that humor is essential in life.

  • Only three people in the lobby at one time (How ironic that our teams are of three?)

  • No children, relatives, or guests (This is what you can expect at the wedding as well.)

  • Couples will stand 6-feet apart while waiting (I guess we do not have to worry about COVID-19 babies like we thought.)

  • Anyone with a temperature over 99.9 degrees will be turned away at the door (By the time you get to the door after staying on pavement measuring temperatures more than 100 degrees, good luck getting in alive.)

  • Couples must wear a facial covering/mask (homemade or purchased)

  • Counters will be sanitized between couples (This is starting to sound like an episode of Saturday Night Live.)

  • Disposable pens will be issued to each couple (Jenifer, you better order us disposable pens, because I guess that is a new normal. One and done, but then again that is what marriage is all about.)

Sorry I got off track there for a minute, but I could not resist. I hope you all can understand. Now back to the challenge…

QuaranTEAM comes in with 48 rolls.

The Disinfectants comes in with 168 rolls. (No worries that Dawn found 30 rolls after 3 o’clock.)

PTSD comes in with 82.

Good to see you all have stockpiles because you are going to need it for your wedding. Jury this is where you come in because you will decide which team is eliminated from Round Three.

The rules are simple remaining teams. You are the wedding party and your toilet paper stockpile is your attire to adorn yourself. Each team member must be a member of the wedding party. Use your creativity and provide your photos to Carrie by 9 am on April 29th.

On April 28, 2020, amid all this craziness yet another milestone is hit at Ignite Funding as we complete an examination with of regulatory agency and receive the highest rating possible. You are probably thinking that we should be receiving the highest rate possible and you are right, but for some reason state regulatory agencies do not like to give them. They also find a reason to give one step down from perfection. BUT WE DID IT! They found 0 violations with our files, and said they were “taken back by our organization and thoroughness”. With that said, we will not be relaxing any of our policies or procedures as they have evidenced that we are the best in what we do and we will continue to set the bar high for our own Company and all the others that try to be like us. Click here to view the press release.

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