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Misconception of Trust Deeds #4

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Everyone loses in Real Estate.

I mentioned that in the next several blogs I am going to review the most common misconceptions of Trust Deed investing, and here is the fourth in the series.

“Misconception 4- Everyone loses in Real Estate.”

Over the past 50 years, real estate has been a very viable investment vehicle, however, it has its risk, as with any other type of investment. Real estate does not directly correlate to the stock market, providing it with added security when traditional markets waiver. Historically, real estategoes through market corrections of approximately 15% - 20% every 7-10 years. By understanding these variables and diversifying your investments across location, borrowers and asset types; you mitigate the impact that a market correction may have on your overall portfolio.

I'll be sharing the final misconception of Trust Deed investing next week in the next blog post.

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