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The Third Labor: Avoiding the Gorgon

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Four Labors of Carrie Cook: Part 4

That leads me to my next hurdle, dressing myself. Let me see if I can put this into perspective. I could not pull pants up and I could not extend my arms to put a shirt over my head. Elastic pants, pullover dresses and button-down shirts were a must. These items were not my typical wardrobe, so I had to stock up but not too much. It is like when you are losing weight and you do not want to buy too much in the bigger size. Lucky for me summer was coming, so the sundresses worked well; but I have perky boobs (if you know what I mean) and putting on a bra of any kind was out of the question. Hooking a bra was completely out of the question and I did not have the arm strength to work myself into a bralette. My struggles were real people.

“My struggles were real!”

Ok, so I was able to drive, I was not going to be naked, my employees were helping me open doors and carry my stuff. Now I had to figure out eating. Seems simple. Go to the grocery store, buy some food, and make a meal.

Remember, I am trying to prove that I can take care of myself on my own three weeks after fracturing both my elbows when all the doctors are telling me it will be six weeks before I have any mobility. I hate to use this phrase, “I looked normal” but I did. I was getting good at hiding my inabilities. I learned to time things well, like waiting in the truck until I saw someone coming that I knew would open a door that I was not able to open.

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