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The Art of Managing Stress

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Keep calm and stay positive.

Day-to-day work stresses are reduced by trust. Without trust, the stress of managing a team is overwhelming. This means sometimes you have to overlook someone’s weakness when you trust them. A weakness can be worked on, but when you break my trust you will not get it back because you become a trigger to me and I have to reduce my triggers to do what I do well. If I start micromanaging you then the trust is broken and you will be replaced soon. I like an independent and trustworthy team that are confident in their abilities to manage their own time, which can be measured by performance as opposed to presence.

As a CEO letting go of direct control was an uncomfortable process, but it has helped me become a better CEO. I have told my team that it is better to make the wrong decision than to not make one at all. This is how we become better managers. The best decisions are made by listening and asking questions. When you fully understand the situation from all perspectives then make a decision and stand by it. If you are wrong, correct it and admit you were wrong.

“It is better to make the wrong decision than to not make one at all.”

I do not let my guard down very often, but I do recognize that the morale of the team depends on it. People need to know that I put my pants on the same way they do. Communication is more important than ever, and should be maintained by checking in with staff, not just as a means to assess work-related topics but their personal wellbeing. A well-balanced culture of a team is stress reducing. When the culture is off, I sense it and I know it is time for an employee event to bring us back together. As a CEO you should be able to say that I know my team. If you do not know all your team members, get out of your office and let your hair down and get to know them. You just might find out you have a kick ass team!

I have always been the person who wants to reduce the stress of others when possible. I do this by being a good listener and communicator. My open-door policy has saved numerous employees from making decisions they may regret. Once we talk it out, the picture becomes more clear. What was an elevated stressful situation then becomes a milestone of understanding and trust for one another.

Most importantly, the best way to maintain stress is to maintain an upbeat attitude. My attitude can change a room and I recognize this. If I’m having a shit day, I will take the day off so that no one else is affected to maintain a stress-free work environment.

Keep calm and stay positive.

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