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The 10 Lessons that I Learned on my Way to the Top: Intro

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Getting there is the easy part.

Many people ask me how I got to the top of the pile at Ignite Funding. The “top” is only a word. The actions behind the top and desire to remain on top is the question people should be asking. Not everyone is cut out to be on top and few can sustain this level for an extended period. But for those that want to know how I got there I will tell you because really getting to the top was easy, staying there is the hard part.

“Getting to the top was easy, staying there is the hard part.

I never set out to be on the top of the pile. I did however, set out to be challenged in life and I never settle. From a very young age I always saw myself as a change maker. I wanted to do something that others saw as impossible by making it possible. I am not talking about solving the hunger issues in the world because I am not God. Hunger will continue to be an issue whether we like it or not. Eradicating hunger is a worldwide problem. Contributing to worthy organizations will help, but never eradicate the issue. So, you must find something to do that helps people in other ways to do your part while you are on this planet. Sometimes these things fall in your lap and other times you seek them out.

My mentor was not going to leave her position anytime soon, so for me, I knew it was time to move on to my next adventure. Upon resigning from Harrah’s Entertainment, I knew I wanted something entirely different as I was in the gaming industry for fifteen years. During that fifteen years, I learned a lot about business, but most importantly, I learned about people and patience. Did I pick up other skills? Yes - Human Resources, Marketing, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Retail Purchasing, Investigations, Government Relations, Community Relations and Public Relations. Was I ready for more? Why not.

Why not try my hand at real estate investments. And no, I do not mean buying and selling homes. I mean investing people’s hard-earned money in real estate. Because I was well-respected by my peers in the gaming industry when word got out that I resigned from Harrah’s Entertainment, a few prior peers from the gaming industry that moved on to other ventures reached out to me to see if I was interested in employment. The one that stuck was a firm that appeared on the surface to have it all together. The saying “looks are deceiving” was about to play out. Why did I accept the job? Because I love a challenge and I wanted to understand the inner workings of a small business environment versus the limited knowledge I was able to access with a Fortune 500 company. I accepted a position as a Marketing Coordinator with the firm making $35,000 a year.

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