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Recruiting the Right People – Resume & Interviewing

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I don't trust resumes, so how do I find the right people to hire?

I use observation skills in recruiting as well. When I earned, and yes, I said earned, the opportunity to run Ignite Funding my first order of business was to select a management team. I knew that my decision process would not be conventional, and some would even consider reckless. Do you think I cared? Not for one minute. I went into observation mode and how I envisioned the long-term plan of the company to be successful by learning from the challenges of the previous management team. The next logical step would be to go to Human Resources and get everyone’s resume, right? Not a chance. If you are one of those people that hire off a resume, good luck to you! You can put anything you want on a piece of paper. What you cannot do is take that piece of paper for a test drive. Pull your head out of the sand and get to know the people and do not get so caught up on what is on the piece of paper. When you interview with me, if you are not interviewing with me for more than an hour you are not going to get the job. A person that can engage with you for more than an hour is interested and so am I.

“A person that can engage with you for more than an hour is interested and so am I.”

The first hour of an interview is nerves and wanting to talk about how wonderful you are as a candidate. The second hour is when you get to know the person. When asked the same questions from the first hour, you get an unfiltered answer. Less than an hour interview does not allow an opportunity to gauge a persons’ abilities or lack thereof. I refer to this interview process as “rent to own”. I want to understand the way a person ticks and how they will react to a work hard, play hard culture.

Once hired, I can figure out how much inflated crap on the resume is true.


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