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Misconception of Trust Deeds #1

Trust Deeds are only for the rich.

I mentioned that in the next several blogs I am going to review the most common misconceptions of Trust Deed investing, and here it is.

The first misconception that I battle is that Trust Deeds are for rich people to invest in. Historically first Trust Deeds were opportunities only available to ‘accredited investors’ or the

wealthy. This still holds true in some states that regulate Trust Deeds as a security product with the SEC. This does not apply to all states. In fact, over 20 states regulate Deeds of Trust as a mortgage product under state laws, effectively opening up the investment to anyone that meets minimal suitability requirements.

“Misconception 1- Trust Deeds are for rich people to invest in.”

I'll be sharing the second misconception of Trust Deed investing next week in the next blog post.

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