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Empowering Employees

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Employers forget that the employees are what runs the business.

How do I find talented people that are not scared of what is possible and that embrace the idealism of always striving to be better? Through observation. Most “bosses” are looking for Ivy League scholars with 10 years history. What about the doers? What about those with an education that is fresh and new to idealism of today? What about taking a person with like-minded experience and evolving into another industry model?

Stop and smell the roses and you just may find something or someone that you may have otherwise passed you by. This is the only time in life that I slowdown and took in my surroundings. I do not only do this through my recruiting patterns, but I do this to determine how to deal with a situation in a manner that suits my ability to get the best out of an employee or a department. Observing and listening to what they tell their peers, inevitably leads to coming up with the solution to a problem. Employers forget that the employees are what runs the business. Because who wants to work in chaos?

“Employers forget that the employees are what runs the business.”

When they are talking among themselves or venting about a problem, listen. Listen and take in their concerns. Do you know what always comes next? They discuss a resolution that they feel would work best given the situation. Then you empower them by implementing the solution. This creates a working environment with employees that admire your ability to implement a change that works for the greater good.

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