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My COVID-19 Business Journey

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Digging Deeper and the EPIC Games

By April 21, 2020, it was clear the stay home order was going to be extended and I really needed to dig deep to find ways to keep everyone engaged for a bit longer. It was time for a team sport! I had everyone join me for a Zoom meeting to draw for teams to kick off EPIC GAMES-19. Once the teams were established, they had to come up with a team name and team captain that would be my point of contact for the team. Once the team names and captains were determined the games were on!

For the first round the team captains received the following communication:

You have been elected to this position for a reason. Your organizational skills will be tested the remainder of the week as you lead Corona Crusaders, Yo’ MoMMA, QuaranTEAM, Reese’s Pieces, PTSD, The Rebels, and The Disinfectants to victory.

Your team will have until Thursday at noon to complete the following tasks:

  1. Find a construction site with active workers and take a 10-30 second video and send to the Team Captain.

  2. Find an essential worker with a mask on that is willing to allow you to take a picture of them to complete this task.

  3. Name a television show or movie that everyone on the team has watched in the last month.

  4. Take a selfie in a store that has toilet paper on the shelves. The selfie most include the toilet paper on the shelf with a member of the team.

  5. Take 3 pictures of 3 different buildings on the Las Vegas strip with hearts.

  6. Each team member must take a picture with a mask on to illustrate the team is taking precautions.

  7. Let us see who has the most increased data usage. A picture comparison of February to March. Use the team members bill that illustrates the highest increase month over month.

As the Team Captain you are responsible for the collection of all items. Once all tasks have been completed the Team Captain will provide the required photos and video to move on to the next round. This is not a race, but a game of “Can you play by the rules?” Read each item required carefully as entries not completed correctly will lead to disqualification of your team. All entries must be provided no later than Thursday, April 23rd by noon.


The employees did not disappoint as they all participated to achieve the tasks assigned. My goal to get them to work together and strive to be better than others to keep their competitive spirit alive and it worked. Little did they know they were also setting up the ingredients for upcoming challenges as well.

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