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Creativity is a Beautiful Thing

My creativeness catches people off guard.

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that my grandmother was an inspiration in my life. She was creative without boundaries. Having lived through the Great Depression, she saved everything and saw something beautiful in what others viewed as trash. I believe this led to her jumping over barriers to show others that if you do not like something then change it or learn how to do it yourself.

“My creative way of thinking makes for a more successful businesswoman"

My creativeness catches people off guard because in their minds, what I do well is run companies (Ignite Funding and Preferred Trust Company). Not all CEOs are rigid, pompous asses, you just have to get to know us. I like to believe that my creative way of thinking makes for a more successful businesswoman. I am willing to say and do what others are not. Like my grandmother, I can see beauty jump off of a blank canvas. In my early 20’s I taught tole painting classes out of my home for extra money. From tole painting came a passion for painting on all medium forms. Almost all of my artwork or paintings I give away. I do not have an emotional attachment to the piece of art. I simply enjoy the experience of creating something. I like to imagine the repurpose. When I see scrap wood, I see wall décor. Here are a few examples of my work.

Now my employees will know that the fun games I create at work come from what my grandmother instilled in me. It makes for fun games at work with the most unique and unusual items.

Everyone has an art within themselves and sometimes you find it in the weirdest ways. Here is yet another lesson my grandmother taught me. My grandmother came home from a bad haircut and she decided I could cut her hair better because I had the ability to envision what something could look like and create it. So, her next haircut was from 16-year-old Carrie. She never went back to another hairdresser. And no, there were no YouTube “How To” videos to watch back then. It was trial and error, and it turns out I’m pretty good at cutting hair. Once people started to figure out I was cutting her hair, they would ask me to cut and color their hair too. My son asked me the other day what will happen when he does not live at home. Who will cut my hair? This is a 14-year-old realizing that he has never had a hair cut from anyone but his mother. Though he does not realize it now, he will learn from his grandmother as well. When he gets his first bad haircut, I will tell him the story.

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